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​Classes Designed with
You in Mind.

V Pilates and Yoga is a studio providing exercise classes in a positive, supportive, and friendly environment. We offer group, semi-private, and private classes tailored to different skill levels and personal goals. Pilates and yoga have both physical and emotional benefits. You'll see improvements in strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance while developing body awareness, better concentration, and inner peace.


Yoga is a practice that focuses on breathing, movement, and mindfulness. Our classes will help you improve flexibility, strength, balance, and alignment of your body. Mindful practice, with body awareness, will improve your experience and prevent injuries. Meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated,  and calm.

Pilates is a system of mental and physical conditioning focusing on strengthening the deeper muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, and shoulders. Pilates is great for everyone from beginners to athletes at any level and our classes provide guidance with emphasis on alignment and proper technique.

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