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Classes for Kids

How Classes Are Designed

Our children’s fitness classes blend Yoga, Pilates, and dance through themed, story telling narratives. It is a fun way to keep kids active and moving. The class will improve coordination, flexibility, and balance, and are balanced to combine a full body workout with cardio intervals.


Students are introduced to Yoga breathing techniques designed to be both calming and energizing. They will be taught basic alignment and movement principles by learning a variety of Yoga and Pilates poses  appropriate for their age.

Important Safety Rules

1. All participants (including parents and children) must sign a waiver prior to attending the class.

2. Parents must be present. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.

3. Please arrive early to prepare for the class.

4. Attire: Those attending should be dressed appropriately. No shoes or socks (unless socks have grips). Parents must enforce this for the safety of the children.

5. We recommend, for hygienic reasons, to bring your own yoga mats for you and your children.

6. If your child is sick or is showing any cold symptoms, you cannot attend the class until cleared by a doctor to resume social activities.

Feedback is always welcome as classes are tailored to the students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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